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Colorful ticket background.jpg

Reef Racket Raffles

Check out our latest and upcoming Raffles & Giveaways!!! There will be at least 1 event conducted per month via Instagram and/or Facebook. Reef Racket VIP members get 1 extra ticket/entry FREE for each event! To become a VIP member click here:

Active Events

No events at the moment

Upcoming Events

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Raffle & Giveaway Policy

Reef Racket LLC is responsible for the sales and collection of all event tickets. Though we use a third-party service to complete the ticketing transaction, this ensures the privacy and safety of the contestants. Your ticket will be given a unique number and QR code to avoid any counterfeiting or foul play. Reef Racket will manually enter all constant names and ticket numbers into the app used to select a winner! You MUST be a Reef Rackel LLC Website Member to participate in any Giveaways or Raffles. A "Members Only" event deters bots and people trying to make multiple accounts for extra tickets (This is NOT allowed and if caught you will be banned from future Events). It is FREE to create an account with us, just click the "Login" icon at the top of the screen. It is best to add your Instagram name and a profile picture to show others their competition! 


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