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RRL Melon Blast Montipora Cap
  • RRL Melon Blast Montipora Cap

    WYSIWYG Pink Montipora Capricornis with Green Polyps

    This Montipora is bright and grows in a very unique way, creating a "plating" or "shelf-like" appearance! This coral contributes great depth and a natural look to the whole aquarium!

    *The second photo is the MOTHER colony so you can what it grows into!*


    • Size: 4" Fully Open
    • Type: SPS
    • Difficulty: Med
    • Lighting: Moderate/Intense
    • Flow: Med/High
    • Placement: Middle/Top


    ***Corals marked with RRL are Reef Racket LLC exclusive corals and are grown right here in our Ray Reef with closely monitored high nutrients and high lighting for incredible coloration!***

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