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Baby Green Acid Wash Bubble Tip Anemone

Baby Green Acid Wash Bubble Tip Anemone

WYSIWYG Green Bubble Tip Anemone with an Acid Wash Effect. 

The acid wash effect looks like "bleach" was splattered over the nem, giving it that speckled look that sets it apart from other BTA's!


  • Type: Bubble Tip Anemone
  • Size: +6" Show Size
  • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
  • Lighting: Moderate - Intense
  • Flow: Moderate
  • Placement: Middle - Top


*Special Note* This Anemone is aggressive and will sting nearby corals and may walk around the aquarium. Be sure to protect your anemones by placing the appropriate "Cover" over your Power Heads and Wave Makers in the event your anemone relocates to them in search of more flow.



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