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RRL Cosmic Blast Galaxea
  • RRL Cosmic Blast Galaxea

    WYSIWYG RRL Exclusive Orange/Green/Yellow/Blue/Purple Galaxea Coral (Galaxea fascicularis)

    This is our Signature RRL Galaxea with so many colors it seems out of this world!!! Something truly original that stands out from the rest. Picture #3 is the RRL Mother Colony.

    • Size: 1" Frag
    • Type: LPS
    • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
    • Lighting: Moderate
    • Flow: Low – Moderate
    • Placement: Bottom - Middle
    • *Special Note* This coral is aggressive and will sting nearby corals but it does not walk around the aquarium like anemones do. Not all frags will contain all colors however, eventually, they are likely to grow in.

    ***Corals marked with RRL are Reef Racket LLC exclusive corals and are grown right here in our Ray Reef with closely monitored high nutrients and high lighting for incredible coloration!***



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