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RRL Forest Fire Digi

RRL Forest Fire Digi

WYSIWYG Green Stem Digitata Coral with Bright Orange Polyps.

This is our Signature RRL Forest Fire Digi with a bright green skeleton and orange polyps. If you're looking for that "stick" effect but you're not quite ready for Acropora, this is the perfect coral for you! This coral also encrusts at the base when as it grows and matures. 

  • Size: 1" Frag
  • Type: SPS
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Lighting: Moderate - Intense
  • Flow: Moderate - Strong
  • Placement: Middle - Top

***Corals marked with RRL are Reef Racket LLC exclusive corals and are grown right here in our Ray Reef with closely monitored high nutrients and high lighting for incredible coloration!***

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