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RRL Frosted Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone (Select Size for Price)
  • RRL Frosted Inferno Bubble Tip Anemone (Select Size for Price)

    WYSIWYG RRL Exclusive Lineage Icy Blue Frosted Red/Orange Inferno BTA with Yellow/Green

    These are not your average Bubble Tip Anemone. These anemones are RARE and are NOT available very often. We grow these in-house so check back regularly to see if we have been able to harvest any new specimens! These "Glittery Specks" are what make these anemones special, giving them that "Frosted" detail! These do NOT have your standard Green Center.


    • Type: Bubble Tip Anemone
    • Difficulty: Easy - Medium
    • Lighting: Moderate - Intense
    • Flow: Moderate
    • Placement: Middle - Top
    • *Special Note* This Anemone is aggressive and will sting nearby corals and may walk around the aquarium. Be sure to protect your anemones by placing the appropriate "Cover" over your Power Heads and Wave Makers in the event your anemone relocates to them in search of more flow.


    ***Corals marked with RRL are Reef Racket LLC exclusive corals and are grown right here in our Ray Reef with closely monitored high nutrients and high lighting for incredible coloration!***



    *VIP MEMBERS are the ONLY exception to this rule!*


    Prices differ depending on size. Please choose your desired size to see the price.