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RRL Grape Vine Birdsnest

RRL Grape Vine Birdsnest

SKU: A020

WYSIWYG Green Bird's Nest Coral with Purple Polyps.

This is our Signature RRL Grape Vine Birdsnest with a bright green skeleton and purple polyps. If you're looking for that "stick" effect but you're not quite ready for Acropora, this is the perfect coral for you! Picture #2 is the RRL Mother Colony.

  • Size: 2" Frag
  • Type: SPS
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Lighting: Moderate - Intense
  • Flow: Moderate - Strong
  • Placement: Middle - Top

***Corals marked with RRL are Reef Racket LLC exclusive corals and are grown right here in our Ray Reef with closely monitored high nutrients and high lighting for incredible coloration!***

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